Shown here are three projects I had the opportunity to work on as part of my role as a motion designer at Mobileye — a company that develops AI and computer vision technologies for self-driving cars.

Application for the Autonomous Vehicle

The application contains a 3D visualisation of the AV perception, showing all the objects identified by the car and their classification: pedestrian, streetlight, car, truck, etc. When an object turns red, a hazrd or collision is impending, and the car must make a decision. In the bottom part of the application, one can see the three main camera views out of a total of twelve, capturing a 360º view of the vehicle.

In Collaboration with Intel Studio Group 

Demo for REM Application

Mobileye’s REM is an insights service for city planners and governments. Mobileye creates a variety of safety assistance driving products used by large fleets, such as FedEx. As a result, Mobileye aggregates large amounts of data on city traffic. By collecting such data, Mobileye is able to suggest insights that can enhance safety in cities.

This demo was created in order to assist the Mobileye’s sales team in demonstrating how those insights could be used in an application that is tailored specifically to a city’s needs Los Angeles, in this case.

Design & Animation– Shira Seri Levi

Smart City

A series of illustrations promoting Mobileye’s data insights for smart cities.

 Illustration & Design– Shira Seri Levi